Paradigm Winery produces hand-crafted wines from the Harris Family Vineyards
in the heart of the Oakville appellation in Napa Valley.

Paradigm Winery is owned and managed by Ren and Marilyn Harris, two winegrowers with extraordinarily deep roots in Napa Valley. Marilyn's grandparents immigrated from Italy to Napa Valley in 1890, while Ren's family came to California in 1769. Marilyn and Ren moved to Napa Valley in the 1960's and settled into their home just east of where Paradigm sits today. Through a career in vineyard real estate, Ren learned much about the diverse growing regions in Napa Valley. In 1976, when they decided to purchase vineyards of their own, Oakville was the clear choice. Paradigm Winery was founded several years later and began producing wine with the 1991 vintage.

Ren and Marilyn hired a young and talented winemaker, Heidi Barrett, who has been with Paradigm since the beginning. They all felt a shared passion for making great wine, and a determination to preserve the small, family-owned style of winery that Napa Valley was built on. With an incredibly loyal team, Paradigm Winery maintains a hands-on approach to all winemaking and vineyard operations, nothing is outsourced. Every bottle you uncork was grown, crushed, fermented, barrel aged, bottled and stored on site. Ren and Marilyn have been tireless advocates for the Oakville appellation, eco-friendly farming, and environmental stewardship. They recently celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary.


Our hands touch the vines while we are tending to them. Our hands touch the vines when we are pruning. Our hands touch the grapes while we harvest. Our hands touch the wine in all of it’s phases. We do not employ mechanical harvesters or pruners. No ocular berry sizing and sorting, no mechanical or automated pumpover devices. No computer tank monitoring systems.

We pick by hand, we sort our fruit by hand in the field and at the conveyer, we pumpover by hand, we do not run to the computer first thing in the morning during harvest…we meticulously go from tank top to tank top and smell each tank.

Ren's Letters

Since 1964, Vineyard owner Ren Harris has been walking among the Paradigm vines watching growing seasons turn into decades of quality winemaking. As he reflects on the vintages and varietals produced in the 70+ acre property, Ren shares his thoughts and stories.